Last Day of School.

Mon Nov 17, 2014

The 2014 NASCAR season ended on Sunday in Homestead MIami Speedway and for Brian Vickers is was the close of his first full season back in the series since 2011. It had its highs and lows as the season progressed, but a posititive attitude kept everyones head in the game. Sunday afternoon and into the evening was the last chance to get the Aarons Dream Machine Toyota into Victory Lane, and it would not have been a bad venue to do it as its Brians home track living just up the road in Miami. Starting in the 13th spot, car didnt have the speed on the short runs, but as the tires fell off, BV was as good as anyone on the longer portions of the racing keeping it wound up along the time. He was able to make up a lot of the spots he wouldnt be able to hold on the initial restarts. The over the wall guys were phenomenal as well ripping off extremely fast stops that made up a lot of spots, especially under the cuation periods. 

After falling as far back as 23rd, Vickers raced all the way back up to 10th and then they gambled with a handful of laps to go. Billy Scott kept BV on the race track under caution, but unfortunately they were no match for the cars behind them that had brand new tires on. After a few laps he had been shuffled back numerous spots. After another yellow flag that bunched the field up again, Brian crossed the line for the final time in 23rd to close out the 2014 season.

The final race was a good synopsis of the year. Up and down. Highs and lows.

Now its time to clean out the lockers, regroup, spend some at home during the holidays and get ready for 2015.

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